Women's World Record in Skydiving

What to Expect:

The Eloy event is NOT a camp in any way, shape or form. You will need to have the prerequisite skills in order to be invited to participate. The dirt dives and jumps will be run efficiently and with a team of plane captains and ground crew. Expect a high level of discipline and professionalism.

The plane captains are responsible for disseminating information to the people on their plane and changing personnel. They are your contact point. All questions and concerns should be directed to them. Each aircraft is a squad on the overall team. The plane captain is responsible for building team spirit in each squad. You will also have a buddy on the plane.

The ground crew will provide water to jumpers at the plane loading area, ensure that all people for each aircraft board the proper aircraft and other miscellanenous errands. You will be required to check in with your ground crew member after landing.

Youíll be expected to meet at the dirt dive on time with your jumpsuit. Rigs will be mandatory on some dirt dives too. Youíll be expected to be quiet during the dirt dive and know where your slot is beforehand. We will do run outs and exit frames, in addition to, the formation build sequence. At the 10 minute call, we will do two complete dress rehearsals.

The build sequence is: the base, then subsequent waves. Waves will consist of hoops. The anchors and center hoop slots should be in position first, followed immediately by the rest of the hoop slots. The center hoop slots have passive grips. The anchors have one passive grip. The next wave should lurk as close as possible, but allowing room for the preceding wave to get into position if for some reason they are late. You should know where your two nearest neighbors, on each side, are before entering the red zone. If your hoop is bowed out, you should move to your proper position and wait for the rest of the hoop to regain itís proper position. You will be expected to dock quickly, with no momentum or sloshing around and then maintain your position throughout the rest of the jump. Expect to be moved or asked to stand down if you dock with momentum, slosh around or are too slow.

You might be moved towards the base or towards the outside of the formation depending on the overall formation requirements. Bring as many additional weights as possible. If you donít use them, someone else will probaly need them. Expect to adjust your weight or jumpsuit as requested by the organizing team.

Expect that you might have to deal with some of the typical problems that occasionally happen on big dives. These include, and are not limited to: your plane exits too soon or too late, off airport landings (altho at Eloy there is not much difference between these two), opening in close proximity to someone else, seeing someone below you wave off, funnels at break-off, high wind landings, tension and waves through the formation and red zone traffic.

The attrition rate is typically around 10% (12 slots) for big loads. Reasons we will replace you:

Some of these problems will result in immediate replacement, others we might give you a chance to redeem yourself. Expect that by the third day you might get cut on the first occurrence.

We will have an aircraft lift capacity approaching 200, so we might do a 150-way on the fourth day. Expect to remain at the drop zone until 5:00 PM on Sunday.

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