Women's World Record in Skydiving

Thank-you to All of These People

Larry and Lill Hill
for hosting this event, especially during a Boogie
Bryan Burke
for coordinating the logistical aspects of this event
Skydive Arizona Manifest
for logistical support and taking credit cards
The Pilots
for knowing how to fly tight formations
Art Bori and Cutaway Enterprises
for rig pockets and attention to details
Eloy Chamber of Commerce
for accepting skydivers as a positive benefit to the community
Skydance Skydiving
for hosting a camp
The World Freefall Convention
for letting me organize there to recruit people
Melanie Conatser and Perris Valley Skydiving Center
for hosting a camp
Skydive Arizona
for hosting a camp
Dr. Ben Massey
for providing the onboard oxygen systems
The Coyotes
for being the ground crew aka the "gophers"
The Plane Captains
for sharing the organizing
The Recruiters
for making this load great
Rick March and AirVentures Inc
for getting me to wear a helmet again
Rick at The Bent Prop Cafe
for feeding us
The Players
for showing up and getting their paperwork in on time
Dave Keith, Dave Majors, Brad Hood, Raoul Graul, Brent Finley, Yvonne DeFalco, Jennifer Packer, Andre Vesselov, Ted Wagner
Judy Celeya, Chris Kelly, Ted Wagner
Bobbie and BJ Worth
for providing courier service
This event would not have happen if it weren't for the help of these people.
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