Women's World Record in Skydiving

Photographers for the Women's World Record in Skydiving

Jennifer Packer     Yvonne DeFalco     Mike McGowan

Ted Wagner     Brent Finley     Andre Vesselov

Jennifer Packer
Check out a sample of Jennifer's work shooting one of Roger Ponce DeLeon's 40-way sequence loads.  
Yvonne DeFalco
Check out a sample of Yvonne's work shooting some fun jumpers over Monterey Bay.
I 've been skydiving eighteen years this March 16th. I have 4500 + jumps. More than half of theese jumps are videos. My ratings SL/AFF Jm. I do still photography of students training jumps and Tandems, and I have some great photos of a few events like Salinas Air Show. Largest thing I ever shot was a 42 way. I jump a Sony HI 8 TR 700 video camera and a Cannon EOS still camera. Currently I am working full time at skydive Monterey Bay.  
Mike McGowan
The World reknown Mike McGowan cancelled the day before the event because he didn't want to produce a video with all photographers views. He was asked to be a mentor for the other photographers, but decided he was not suitable for this job.  
Ted Wagner
Brent Finley
Andre Vesselov Andre Vesselov is a guest photographer from Russia. He was also on the film crew for World Team 96.  

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