Women's World Record in Skydiving

Organizers and Plane Captains for the Women's World Record in Skydiving

Jan Meyer     and a Team of Plane Captains

Plane Captain's Plane Captain: Ginger Kuhlmann

Ellen Monsees       Dany Brooks

Ginger Kuhlmann
Age: 41
1900+ jumps
started in 1979
Currently jump in Eloy
Best events ever: Boogie in Bali '89
Slovakia 216-way 1994
Russia 300-way 1996
Life in America
I'm a FAI rated accuracy judge, USPA D-license#, APF#1654 (Australian Parachute Federation)

I wanted to be a plane captain because I believe if the plane Captains do their jobs corectly the record can be made. Each skydiver must be doing her job correctly or it will be a large problem for many others; and it's the plane captains responsibility to find these problems and fix the problems as need be.

I believe this record will work because the effort was begun a long time ago.Women have been recruited because of their ability not because of their money. Care has been taken to be sure that those chosen are current and have prior experience in large formations.

I own a painting and wallpapering business in Tucson, Az and have been in the business 23 years.

My observation of skydivers is that if once you've made a skydive, and have jumped again and again, it will always be in your heart, and in your soul, and eventually you will do it again.

Dany Brooks
Birthdate: 11/13/61
# JUMPS: 1150
Started Jumping: '92 (graduated aff 5/93)
I jump at Skydance Skydiving.
-women's world record attempts 4/95 skydive chicago
-Mission Impossible
-104-way base practice in perris
-64-way world record star; wilbur's 96
-2nd place Trans-Am 4-way 1996
Ratings: Skydive U 1:1 coach
Awards & Licenses: Gold Freefall Badge, Gold Wings, D-17265

My commitment to skydiving shows through my attitude as well as my ability and desire to organize and lead. I believe that my personality lends itself to being able to motivate others while still being able to push energy levels and promote a serious attitude about what we are trying to accomplish. I take skydiving seriously and have a strong desire to be included in the organization of the attempts.

I am committed to doing everything I can to make it a successful and memorable event for everyone.

The number of women involved in skydiving has historically been very low in relation to the number of men. Our numbers are few and I feel it's important for us to band together for a common goal. We have all heard comments that this is a sexist thing to do, that we're only separating ourselves from men further by doing this. They say that it would be inappropriate for men to do the same, but i feel it's different. Men have long been able to unite without the company of women in this sport, without even meaning to, they jump with all male 4-, 8-, 20-ways. For women to do the same, we have to plan it, we don't accidentally find ourselves on an all-women's 20-way... but it's more of an opportunity to celebrate our individual and group accomplishments and help motivate other women tofollow their dreams, both women skydivers, and women in general.

The main reason is because of the qualifications that the women need to participate. Being who we are, the skydiving community in general, we too easily lower our standards in order to give new jumpers a chance. When we can accomplish this record, we will do more for that woman with 200 jumps than we could if we were to include her in them and have them fail. Jan, as the organizer, is the right person to make this work, she has set goals for herself and the women involved and will stick with those goals through stubborness and determination. The team will feed off of this drive and we can definitely make this happen :)

Occupation: publicist

Ellen Monsees
Age: 37 years old
# jumps:3700+
Started jumping:1980
I jump mostly now:Colorado and Eloy,AZ
Four Women's World Records.
Four complete 100+ways (one 2 pointer);
3 point 65 way.
Ratings:S/L and AFF/I
Awards & Licenses:D-7232

Ran a DZ for 7 years with my husband. Did a complete TSO test series for the EOS H/C and Swift Plus Reserves for Para-Flite. Traveled the country for 7 years, jumping, teaching skydiving and working at all the major H/C manufacturers in the US.

I have experience organizing people and have been a group leader and plane captain at previous world record attempts.

Jan is taking the effort to invite only qualified women to the event and is keeping this a world record attempt and not a training camp.

Occupation:Own a manufacturing company for freefall parachute equipment and other sport equipment

Jan Meyer
Age: 40
# jumps: ~3200
Started jumping: 1981, Perris Valley, CA
Jump mostly at Skydance Skydiving
Wilburs 150-ways, 100-ways etc
Largest Star: 64-way, 1996
Mission Impossibles including a 16-way Compressed Accordian
297-way, Anapa Russia
Publications: lots. Most recent Parachutist, Mar 1996 -reprinted SPSJ articles PIA Rigger's Convention Speaker
AIAA speaker
Parachuting Manual with Log for Accelerated Freefall

I am organizing the Women's World Record to increase the visibility of women jumpers and women athletes, the record is just a by product of this goal. Women need role models to help inspire them to overcome the trials and obstacles in their jumping carreer and in the rest of their life. There are many excellent women jumpers that no one has ever heard about because no tells their stories.

This record event will work, where others have failed, because I am ensuring that only highly qualified and current women jumpers will be on the load. The response has been so great that I will have no trouble filling a bench too. Women's accomplishments have historically been trivialized and ignored. Women's sports, in general, is set up to make women's accomplishments, less than men's. (3 sets vs 5 sets in tennis etc.) We will have the talent to do +60-way sequential, a 120-way and then shatter that record with a 150-way. Then on Sunday we will do 150-way sequential. That's how good we are!!
Read more stuff about me.
And I have a story about My Motorcycle Adventure in Russia. (not officially linked into the site yet.)

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