Women's World Record in Skydiving

FAI-IPC Sanction of Women's Records

This is an excerpt from an email message BJ Worth sent me in regards to the FAI recognizing Women's Large Formation Records.

The facts regarding the female Largest Freefall Formation FAI world record category are: When the IPC Sporting Code was re-written in 1992, the entire document was reformatted, and in this process some important paragraphs were inadvertently left out or altered. That was the case with this female world record category. However, since the IPC never proposed nor approved these changes, and the FAI has no record of these changes being approved, the status of the documentation in the pre-1992 paragraphs is still in effect, and always has been.

Unfortunately, it has taken the IPC several years to identify all the inadvertent errors which were made during the re-write, but as each new one surfaces, the necessary paragraphs are reinserted in the current IPC Sporting Code. However embarrassing this has been for the IPC, these typographical errors have not changed the status of any activity affected by these errors. Specifically, if the female 103-way had been completed according to all the FAI/IPC regulations, it would have been recognized as an official world record by the FAI. The fact that there was no reference to the female category in the Sporting Code at the time of the record attempts did confuse many FAI Judges who were not aware of the re-write problem of the Sporting Code.

When the problem about the status of the female world record category surfaced last year, I chased down the sources of the rumors, and the facts about the current status, and then I initiated a solution to the situation. As the newly appointed Chairman of the IPC Sporting Code Subcommittee, I addressed this problem at the FAI Council meeting in Montreal in June of '95. I brought this problem to the attention of the Presidents of the IPC and FAI, and the Secretary General of the FAI. Everyone present concurred that the female record category was still technically in effect, regardless of its inadvertent deletion from the Sporting Code.

Since that time, the correct paragraphs have been reinstated in the IPC Sporting Code, and the female category for the Largest Freefall Formation world record is once again in black and white as it always should have been. Please understand that the IPC and FAI fully support the female Largest Freefall Formation world record category, and always have done so.

I hope this clarification is helpful to you. And on behalf of the IPC and FAI, I apologize for any misunderstandings this situation has caused for the female skydivers of the world.

Blue skies,


FAI-Sporting Code

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