Women's World Record in Skydiving

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The Plan to Achieve

the All Woman Large Formation

and Large Formation Sequential

World Records.

Require participants to have a minimum of 500 jumps.
Select the site. Skydive Arizona
Announce the date and location of the Women's Large Formation Record.
Recruit sponsors for the event.
Petition the FAI - IPC to reinstate recognition of Large Formation all Women Records.
Recruit regional organizers.
Hold regional camps in the 1996 season.
Recruit and publicize seeded participants as early as possible.
Make final participant selections by December 1996.

Go do it!

Five jumps per day.
Thursday & Friday, March 27-28, 1997: Two groups of 60-way sequential from 3 Otters
Saturday March 29, 1997: 120-way large formation
Sunday March 30, 1997: 120-way large formation sequential
Be there!

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Cost for 20 jumps is $500.00. November 1, 1996 was the deadline for a $100.00 deposit. The balance of $400.00 is due by Jan 15, 1997. Jumps on Mar 27 and 28 are to 15K. Jumps on Mar 29 and 30 are to the highest allowable altitude. ATC from Phoenix may limit our altitude.

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How to Get on the Women's World Record in Skydiving

Make yourself known to one of the organizers or some other prominent organizer who can recommend you to us.

There is a 500 jump minimum. You also need to be current.

At this late date, please email me ar call (916) 375-1026. Be prepared to give TWO references. Make sure your references know you. Many people give names of people who don't remember them.

The load is up to 131 as of March 1, 1997.

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Jan Meyer (916) 375-1026
These informal camps are open to everyone with acceptable skills.
The camps and training opportunities have passed.

Other Organizers Across the World

You may make yourself and your skydiving skills known to these people, who can give you a recommendation, good or bad. Use the normal DZ protocol to get on their loads.

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