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Venus on the Fairway - Creating a Swing - and a Game - That Works for Women

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Even though there are distinct differences in the way women and men swing a golf club, instruction has almost always been presented from the male perspective. This timely book is designed to bridge that instructional gender gap. Women will learn to create their own swing, from the grip and setup to the fullswing and getting the most distance. Also included are fitness tips and a discussion of essential rules and ettiquette.

*5.75 million women already play golf, with another 3.5 million expected to pick it up in the next few years

*Black and white photos clearly illustrated effective golf swings for women

*Will appeal to sophisticated, affluent women with a passion for golf

About the Author
Debbie Steinbach played the LPGA Tour for eleven years before becoming an LPGA teaching professional. Ranked as one of the top fifty instructors in the country by Golf for Women magazine, Steinbach teaches at The Reserve in Indian Wells, California.

Kathlene Bissell is the author of Fred Couples: Golf's Reluctant Superstar and has written for Golf Illustrated, Golf for Women, and Private Clubs magazines. She lives in Florida.

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