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The Golf Handbook for Women - The Complete Guide to Improving Your Game

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The Golf Handbook for Women takes you through every aspect of golf, whether you are just starting out or want to raise your game to a new level. Movements and shots are carefully detailed, using photographs and illustrations, with helpful suggestions on how to ensure you'll hit your best shot every time.

In The Golf Handbook for Women, you'll find information on:

  • Choosing and using equipment that's right for you
  • Developing good habits from the start
  • Knowing which shot to play in various situations
  • Judging distance and aiming well
  • Reading greens
  • Correcting common mistakes
  • Getting out of trouble shots
  • Conquering fears and being positive
  • Finding strategies for strokeplay and matchplay
  • Deciding what to do--and not do--on a course
  • Enjoying the game to the fullest!

About the Author

Vivien Saunders was the first European woman to qualify for the U.S. Tour and was British Ladies Open Champion in 1977. An authority on golf in general and on women's golf in particular, she owns two golf courses and is renowned for her teaching methods. She has written ten books, including The Golf Handbook, which has been translated into twelve languages.

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