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Naked on the First Tee - An Essential Guide for New Women Golfers

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Many women are attracted to golf and, before they know it, they are in love with it! Why? ...because it is a game of finness and skill coupled with so much to learn about (rules, game plan, equipment, techniques, strategies, etc.) as they refine their sport.

Thanks to Kelly's Pink Book, any woman can get a head start on the basics - which for a long time don't seem that basic! The handy, easy to pack along, guide is written with humour and wisdom. Although it is for the new golfer, what it offers lasts long past the first couple of games. I highly recommend it for all ages.

Norm Jackson, Head Golf Professional, Cowichan Golf Club, BC
As a long time teaching professional, I know that "Naked on the First Tee" will lessen the fear that new women golfers may have on the golf course. Excellent information in an easy to read, clever format.

Eric Francis, Sports Columnist, Calgary Sun newspaper
Wonderful advice for the new, and not-so-new nervous golfer.

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