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by Jan Meyer

Well, that's a strange title. What's it mean? You'll find out, don't worry.

That title is an acronym, not a slick one like SCUBA, but each letter does stand for a word. Have you ever heard an acronym at your DZ? (Ah, there's one now).

In your FJC, you learned about PLFs and AADs. AFF FJCs teach PRCPs, TLOs, GASPs and GAPs, too. At DZs with older gear you'll probaly hear talk about PODs, POBs and PCs. You'll want to know about LPUs and PFTs for those special jumps you may want to make. Don't forget to buy beer when you get your SCR, SCS, NSCR, WSCR, CCR, CCS, NCCR, NCCS, GFF, GW, DFF, DDFF, DW, QDW, etc... Some of these awards are presented to you by CDs or NDs. These people are BOD members of USPA, and some are PIA members. You can meet and talk to CDs and NDs at a GMM. Attendence at a JCC, ICC or AFFTCC is required to get rated as a JM, I, I/E, AFF JM, AFF I or AFF I/E. Before you compete in RW, CRW or S&A you should read SOPs, BSRs, FARs and ACs. Riggers should also read ADs and TSOs.

Acronym-ese can get confusing. But, your troubles (when it comes to acronyms) are over. A list of acronyms has been compiled for your reference.

Oh, the title? It means : If I Tell You What This Means Will You Buy Me A Beer? ----But it was a good "hook". You read the article.

Acronym Meaning
AAD Automatic Activation Device
AC Advisory Circular
A/C Aircraft
AD Airworthiness Directive
AFF Accelerated Freefall
AFFTCC Accelerated Freefall Training & Certification Course
AGL Above Ground Level
AMS Aeronautical Material Specification
AN Air Force Navy Aeronautical Drawing
AND Air Force Navy Aeronautical Design Standard
AOD Automatic Opening Device - obsolete
APT Army Parachute Team
AS Aerospace Standard
ASAP As Soon As Possible
ASE Air Skills Evaluation
ASL Advanced Static Line
ASO Area Safety Officier - obsolete

BOC bottom of container
BOD Board of Directors
BSR Basic Safety Requirements

CA Circle of Awareness
CCR Canopy Crest Recipient
CCS Canopy Crest Solo
CD Conference Director
CFM Cubic Feet per Minute
CRW Canopy Relative Work
CSPA Canadian Sport Parachute Association
CYPRES Cybernetic Parachute Release System

DDFF Double Diamond Freefall
DDW Double Diamond Wings
DFF Diamond Freefall
DOM Date of Manufacture
DRCP Dummy Ripcord Pull
DSSO Defense Surplus Sales Office
DW Diamond Wings
DZ Drop Zone

FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAI Federation Aeronautique Internationale
FAR Federal Aviation Regulations
FJC First Jump Course
FPS Feet Per Second

GADO General Aviation District Office
GAP Ground, Altimeter, Primary
GASP Ground, Altimeter, Secondary, Primary
GFF Gold Freefall
GMM General Membership Meeting
GW Gold Wings

HALO High Altitude, Low Opening
HC Heel Clicks
HQ Headquarters

I Instructor
IAD Instructor Assisted Deployment
ICC Instructor Certification Course
I/E Instructor/Examiner

JCC Jumpmaster Certification Course
JM Jumpmaster
JM1 Jumpmaster One, Primary Jumpmaster
JM2 Jumpmaster Two, Secondary Jumpmaster

K thousand

L/D Lift to Drag ratio
LPU Life Preserving Unit

MFG Manufacturer
MPH Miles Per Hour
MS Military Specification
MSL Mean Sea Level

NAA National Aeronautic Association
NAF Naval Air Factory
NAS National Aircraft Standards or Naval Air Station
NCCR Night Canopy Crest Recipient
NCCS Night Canopy Crest Solo
NCPL National Collegiate Parachuting League
ND National Director
NOTAM Notice to Airmen
NPU Naval Parachute Unit
NSCR Night Star Crest Recipient

PC Paracommander
PFT Physiological Flight Training
PLF Parachute Landing Fall
PIA Parachute Industry Association
POB Pack Opening Bands
POD Parachute Opening Device
PRCP Practice Ripcord Pull

QDW Quadra-Diamond Wings

R/C Ripcord
RH Relative Humidity
RSL Reserve Static Line
RW Relative Work

SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
S&A Style and Accuracy
S&TA Safety & Training Advisor
SCR Star Crest Recipient
SCS Star Crest Solo
S/L Static Line
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
STC Supplemental Type Certificate

TLO Targeted Learning Objective
TSO Technical Standard Order

USPA United States Parachute Association

WDI Wind Drift Indicator
WSCR Women's Star Crest Recipient
ęCopyright 1989, 1999-2000 by Jan Meyer. Republished with permission.

Dedicated to enhancing sport parachuting safety by disseminating information about equipment, environments and human factors.

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