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Words, Words, Words

Words, Words, Words

college prep vocabulary builder

Words, Words, Words
  • is a college prep vocabulary builder.
  • study for the SAT, ACT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and all of those other acronym exams that make you smart.
  • is fast and easy.
  • has over 1000 words grouped in fifty-one 20-word exams
  • Most of the words are ten and twenty dollar college words
  • presents the words in each group in a different order each time you take the exam
  • presents the 'answer' words randomly each time you take the exam
  • great resource for home schooling
  • FREE Demo Version (details below)

Select Exam The picture to the right shows how to select an exam. The exam list is on the left. The list of words in that exam is on the right.

To choose an exam:

  • Click the exam and then click OK.
  • Double click the exam.
  • Click the exam and then press the ENTER key.


Exam screen After you select an exam, each word is presented, in turn, with four choices, as shown in the picture:

You select the anwser by:

  • clicking on the circle next to the answer
  • clicking the text of the word

You advance to the next question by

  • clicking the Next button
  • clicking this button next button
  • pressing the ENTER key
  • or double clicking the answer


Vocabulary List If you click on this: Help button that shows vocabulary list then the Vocabulary List appears with the definition. This is a way to learn the words you have never seen before.


definition of vocabulary Your answer is checked immediately. Your score is shown in the lower, middle part of the screen.

If you answer incorrectly... the definition is given:

If you answer correctly, the next question is shown.


System Requirements:

Works on all versions of Windows, except 3.1.
Works on MACs with Virtual PC.

Less than 1M of disk space.


Words, Words, Words: - college prep vocabulary builder

  • College Version (1022 words) - $14.95

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  • Demo Version - FREE! (100 words)

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