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  • 'The study software was invaluable I would recommend it to all. I just wanted to say thanks. I received your study software a few weeks ago and found it to be invaluable. After failing my first A license test I was glad I invested the money in your program my second attempt yielded a score of 95. As promised it ran great on my Mac,via virtualPC and Win95. A few more jumps and I`ll be using for my B test.' - David King
  • 'GREAT SOFTWARE PRODUCT!!!! I got 100% on my 'A' test.' - Clark Boyd
  • 'I just thought I'd let you know that I ACED the B license test, made a 95 on the C license test and a 90 on the D license test!!! I couldn't have done it without you!!!!' - Rodney B. Ross
  • 'just wanted to let you know that I think this software is a really cool concept' - Tami Cerino
  • 'I think this is a great idea and it looks like skydivers can save time studying and be more educated at test time.' - Steve Noble
  • 'I like your study guide for the USPA exams.' - Jack Churchill S & TA CE 32A
  • 'BTW, passed my A with a score of 100, thanx to your study guide.' - Gordon B. Evans

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